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Hi - I'm Leeann - I am a licensed esthetician and owner of LoveBELLA  Waxing Studio. I have always been interested in nice brows. Before I was an esthetician, back in Junior High,  I always did my friends brows, where they would suffer through my tweezing them. That was before I learned how to wax. I do mostly brows and Brazilians now, simplifying my business to  only waxing and nothing else and I couldn't be happier.  

I've been open here since 2004 and really enjoy the people I have met. I look forward to seeing my clients for their follow up appointments and consider them my friends.

I use a variety of Cerepil hard waxes for a more comfortable brow and Brazilian wax and use a roll on strip wax for speedy leg and body waxing.  

I look forward to meeting you.

Call or text me at 206-919-8972

When Im not working at LoveBELLA I enjoy  "learning" photography, cooking, camping, gardening and my grand kids.  

Below you can see my Instagram feed @alwaysleeann for some of my photography and things I'm up to when I'm not working at LoveBella. I Hope to see you soon in the studio or out and about in Edmonds or Seattle.